About Us

Cloud Intelligence was found in March 2021. We expanded from the growth of Aurora MedTech (previously known as T&T Engineer Trading) was found in November 2011 focusing on medical device with initial registered capital of 1 million Baht.

Since then, we’ve seen an unmet and increasing need on suppliers who are capable to deliver hassle free solutions from design to construction to final touch of, but not limit to, specialty rooms while complying with required medical standards within committed time frame. We, therefore, have strengthened and shaped our team accordingly. After expanded from Aurora MedTech, we have taken a deep dive into the design and renovation of operating rooms, specialty rooms and other wards in the hospital.

We also actively search and import of cutting-edge technology medical devices and improve various wards in the hospital to meet standards to ensure our customers’ needs are happily fulfilled.

With sustainable average revenue growth of 60% annually. Our sales and engineering teams are able to cover and deliver their second to none services nationwide.

Cloud Intelligence is more than happy to provide a list of our up-to-date reference sites and please feel free to contact us should further information required.
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